Right - Brain dominant people find themselves creating visuals for everything non-visual. These complicated beings are very spontaneous, intuitive and emotional. They have the ability to recognise interconnectedness of smaller pieces that make up the big picture. They may struggle with memorisation and are most likely labeled as “creative”.


Apeksha Gupta, the Founder and Creative Director, has been associated with leading designers and young corporates for more than 8 years. Her design process involves a lot of research and observation blended with her sensibilities. She believes that design is something that comes from within, and can only be refined with the help of the right tools and direction.


Things we like doing

Brand Design
Vision and Ideas coming to life

- Logo and Identity
- Visual Language
- Art Direction


Packaging Design
Function and Appeal on a shelf

- Food and Beverage
- Retail and Luxury
- Limited Edition and Festive
- Fast Moving Consumer Goods
- E-Commerce


Print Collaterals
Stories and Visuals on paper

- Brochure and Catalogues
- Magazines, Coffee Table Books
- Promotional Prints and more