Bringing to life, an Indian Queen's
untold beauty secrets.

Brand Design for
Ohria Ayurveda

About the project

Ohria is a beauty enhancing, skin care brand with powerful Ayurvedic ancient formulations.Ohria manifests a 6000 year old tradition of ayurveda through 100% natural products which are adaptations of an Indian queen’s untold beauty secrets.

We applied a combination of rich indian hues with ornate and traditional looking typefaces to create a soothing, luxurious, premium, and natural experience for the consumer. We blended floral motifs influenced by Rajput architecture and ancient royal Ayurveda to differentiate the brand. The O portrays the duality of the human personality – inherited and acquired, a perfect balance between the two results in eternal beauty. The symbol is constructed by the leaves of the Parijat tree, the first herb of Ayurveda. The O is placed as a “bindu”, the origin of every element in this universe.

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Create a consumer centric brand identity firmly rooted in India ayurvedic heritage. The brand targets beauty care buyers who believe in overall well being.
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