We know you have a right brain too!

Introducing a series of workshops where you don’t need to know how to draw as long as you can think beyond reality. It’s our attempt to bring you one step closer to creativity and take a few hours off from your everyday life and think to yourself what a wonderful world!


Create your own character

Don’t worry if you can’t draw, it’s an open for all fun workshop that will bring you one step closer to yourself. We’ll help you collect all the weird thoughts in your head and putting them out on a piece of paper.

A tiny dino or a sleepy monster, you could be anyone!

9 March, 11am-1pm at Greenr at 32nd Avenue, Gurgaon

Workshop Takeaways
A stir to your creative thinking, some cool merchandise and an exciting print of your character!

How to signup?
Email on knock@therightbrained.co
Dm on instagram @therightbrained
WhatsApp on +91 9315849929

What's on us?
Some light snacks, stationery and some supercool goodies!

Terms and conditions
Age: 18 and above.No refunds available in case of cancellation for participation.
We may cancel the workshop if we don’t have the minimum number of participants.
In case of cancellation of the workshop, the money will get refunded.